Digital systems in harsh environments

Pioneering digital technologies for harsh environments – immersed, underground, off-grid – with low signal detection and power consumption. Created in 2021 by entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists in Sophia Antipolis, France.

Our partners support us

A great mix of expertises

Innovating technologies we are developing rely on 4 key competencies

Mesh network​s


Digital Twins​

Hardened cases & printed circuits​

Energy harvesting​

Antennas & analog devices​


Learning Algorithms


ANSSI & ETSI IoT audits

Embedded systems authentication

Emerging technologies

Impala ®

Power management hardware & AI control for off-grid field equipments


Long-distance underwater communications through bio-mimetism​

Xsuite (RS)

Embedded systems network control in harsh environments

Supion ®

Compact, precise and versatile pressure sensor​


Advanced subaquatic energy harvesting

YacEar (BPI)

Very low signals amplification​

(RS) : XSuite project has been funded by Région Sud

(BPI) : Yacear & U-Dolphia projects have been funded by French government through "Programme d’investissements d’avenir" => BPI

(Hi-France) : X-PERT has got the Hi-France label, proof of innovation & business readiness for investors.


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